Vol.1 Thirty-One Principles for Daily Living: 31-Day
Devotional & Journal by Lorenzo T. Brown

We all can use some Encouragement in our Daily Living!

With all the hustle and bustle of life and the many cares and concerns of this world, at times life can feel heavy and hopeless and we can become a bit discouraged. In this devotional journal, you will find practical principles followed by a word of truth that are short in duration that you can apply to help lighten the burdens and restore the hope in your daily living.  

You will find encouragement from daily principles such as: 

•The reasons why you should are far greater, than the reasons why you shouldn't. 

•When God looks at a situation He doesn't see the problem in the situation, He sees the potential that can come out of the situation.

•Living a carefree life is not an option, living a life free of your cares is an option.